Power Rangers became famous in the 1990’s and as such many adults remember them from their childhood.  Kids today know them from new incarnations of the series, movies and ongoing merchandise selling in stores.  They are characters that almost have a cult following across many different age groups.

So why should kids be the only ones to get to dress up in a Power Ranger costume?

We think adults and kids alike can wear Power Ranger costumes.  And apparently so does the rest of the world as you can now purchase an adult Power Ranger costume in your choice of colours!  Online stores such as Amazon now have costumes available for both kids and adults.

But don’t think you need to purchase a costume to dress up like a Power Ranger.  Your own costume can be readily made if you have pants and a top in the right colour.  If you want to dress up in a gold Power Ranger costume, then a can of gold spray paint is bound to be your new best friend! 

Masks, belts, white gloves and the harlequin pattern are all hallmarks of good Power Rangers costumes and these things are easy to make or source.  A quick online search will show you dozens of sites where you can find out how to make a Power Rangers mask.  White gloves are easily purchased and some people will already have these at home.  Boots in the appropriate colour are helpful too – you can use the colour of your character or you can use white boots.

The beauty of an adult Power Ranger costume is that the ladies can also wear it as a dress.  These days it doesn’t have to be the traditional long pants and sleeves type of costume. 

A dress in the appropriate colour can have the belt and the harlequin pattern sewn on if you don’t want to purchase a costume to wear.  The dress material can be shiny or plain.  Boots are kind of a must if you are going for the sexy Power Ranger look.  Long white, black or even coloured boots look fabulous with this costume.  If you don’t have boots, a good way around this is plain coloured socks that reach above your knees and slip on shoes in the same colour.  This gives a similar effect to wearing boots.  It can also be a lot more comfortable if you’re in for a long night at a party!!

Kids Power Rangers costumes are everywhere and it might seem like these characters are just for them.  But look a little closer and you’ll find adults everywhere are dressing up as their favourite childhood super heroes and having a pile of fun!